1covpemj16Varo Baseball took over as the ultimate way to train, with their revolutionary bat weights, the Varo ARC and COR. The ARC’s patented weight distribution technology, transfers weight right over the bat’s sweet spot for ‘barrel feel’ through the zone. Each team playing in the last two Major League October Classics – New York, Kansas City, San Francisco – use Varo daily. Also from Rookie of the Year to Omaha baseball, Varo Baseball gets the best players on the planet ready to hit. Specifically made for Youth too, you can train just like your favorite Pros. Varo improves your swing and covers it all, from on-deck, BP warm-up, and off-field conditioning swings.

Kansas City’s 3-time All-Star and 2016 World Champ, Alex Gordon, sums it up “My swing maintains a more natural feel while using a Varo ARC … I feel more prepared for a major league at bat with the Varo ARC, and I encourage other hitters to feel the difference.”

The best part about Varo’s premium training weights, is that they are designed for all players – from Youth to Pro to Softball. For Softball, Varo introduced the Jennie Finch Signature Line, and they are what Jennie calls “a softball must have!” Read More